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Custom Live Edge wood mantels by Kevin

Living in the PNW we feel the need to be in touch with nature and what a better way to show it than having a beautiful, custom made piece of furniture right in your living room where you can see it every day. Kevin typically uses locally sourced, spalted maple, alder and old growth cedar.

a custom live edge mantle from First and Main Design Market in Bothell WA
Custom Live Edge Mantle from First & Main Design Market

Wood can definitely have a back story! We source our wood locally. Most of it is procured from the Stillaguamish River Valley with often traceable roots to fires, mudslides, and dead head "lives" that are decades long on the bottom of the river.

Some of our sourcing is a Sequoia variety that was raised locally.

This wood grows insanely fast due to the abundance of water above that of the Sierra Nevada mountains where this wood originally evolved to live.

The resulting wood is very light, making it perfect for mantles and live edge shelves.

First and Main Design Market live edge mantle being custom made

Local Western Red cedar in secondary growth logs and the occasional old growth dead head log yield some amazing results when fashioned into a mantle. They are often hundreds of years old with natural distressing from fires, wood worms and decades of time, or longer on the bottom of the Stillaguamish river.

Live edge mantle on stone fireplace from First and Main Design Market in Bothell WA

Different style of home calls for different type of finish and style.

Stop by our showroom to talk to us about your next protect, one of our talented designers will help you select the perfect finish and size for your wood piece.


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