Our Service

We believe that Your home should tell Your story
That's why we offer complimentary interior design services to help you create the home of your dreams.


The Design Experience

Our designers provide a unique and comprehensive design service customized to your needs.  Starting with a one-on-one chat, one of our designers will sit down with you and discuss how we can meet your home design needs. Whether you are starting with one room or redesigning your entire home we will make sure we get all the necessary information to help you tell YOUR story.

The Details

After meeting with a designer and discussing your vision they will get to work picking furniture, textiles, and color options that reflect the details discussed in your chat. What follows includes a presentation to make sure they understood the story you would like tell in your space. Ending with the final design plan they will then place orders, make call, and take care of all the design tasks on their end.

The Install

Now it is time for your story to be told, the designer will personally set up your space just like you had discussed in the previous step. We pride ourselves on taking that extra step to make sure everything is in the right spot and just how you envisioned it.

Working with Us!

If you want to bring new life and a new look to your home or space, contact us today to book and appointment with one of our designers today. 


Our Partners

We carry industry leading furnishings 

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