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Navy blue as an accent in interior design

We all need a bit of color in our lives. Usually, the safe bet is going with neutrals for the main pieces like the sofa and big chairs, and adding different colors in the area rug, throw pillows, side chairs and accessories. This is what we are seeing in these pictures, where the Navy Blue is a clear accent that brings everything together and is a timeless tone that can be used in many different styles.

Even in the small details we can see how it becomes cohesive if we see the same color in different parts of the room.

Sometimes, the bigger piece of furniture in the room can be the accent color while the rest of the items complement it. We can do a mix of different textures and patterns to enhance the visual interest of the room.

Having an accent wall always adds more visual interest to the room. Be careful in balancing the tones in the room, we don’t want it to look too dark or out of proportion. Consult with your interior designer for best results, we are here to help.

A classic mix of white or cream with Navy blue and natural tones are always a go-to for a Modern Farmhouse style. This time, my clients wanted the sectional to be the lighter performance fabric from Norwalk Furniture and contrast it with a blue swivel/glider chair.

That combination can also be seen in a different look, where they are going more towards coastal style, but including that timeless blue leather chair.

Picture by Universal

Whether we are doing a whole blue room, or just touches or color here and there, the visual interest we put into our designs is important. Let's be more fun than the "sad beige" we are seeing nowadays. Design for a lifestyle and a personality rather than just for the look. Form follows function. What do you think?


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