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Time for a Fresh Start

To say we need to hit the refresh button as we enter 2021 feels like a major understatement. Not only have we been starved of face to face human connection we have been holed up in our homes for longer than even the extreme introvert would be okay with. It is now more important than ever that we be surrounded by decor that makes us happy, colors that de-stress us, and furniture that we can truly relax in.

So where to start… We've talked about this on our social media platforms and it is the essence of our color of the year, bring the outdoors in. Whether you do that with color, live edge and wooden decor, or even plants they all bring the soothing effects of connecting with nature right into your home. If you are continuing to work from home your office space might be the best place to start!

I don’t know about you guys but I myself am notorious for rearranging my furniture, it makes the room and everything in it feel new again and you may just find a better layout for the space that allows better traffic flow. While you are rearranging is the perfect time to create a new focal point, incorporate the vintage mirror that’s been sitting in your garage, find a spot that needs some love and let your creativity run free. Another great way to refresh your space is to update your window treatments, pick a fun new color or a refreshing neutral color to brighten up your space.

At the end of the day you should be surrounded by items that make you smile and bring back fond memories, your home should tell the story of you and your life whether that’s through items brought back from your travels, a gallery wall of your own art, or a collection passed down through the generations. Refresh your home in a way that makes you smile no matter where you look.

Written by Tess Myrick

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