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Interior Design: Adding Flavor to Your Life

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

There are times in life when relying on the expertise of others is your ticket to an adventure you could never have imagined if left to your own devices. When I go to a restaurant, I have an idea what I'm in the mood for, I know what I can and can’t have, and I know what I don’t care for. But I can’t imagine all the possible delectable dishes that can be created for me – and that’s okay, because I’m not a trained chef. I rely on the chef to guide my culinary experience by making suggestions and combining ingredients I never would. I am never disappointed when I ask the chef to surprise me, in fact my favorite meals started out that way.

Similarly, when you trust the skill and experience of an interior designer you see possibilities and begin to imagine your spaces in ways that are hard to visualize without your designer’s help.

Universal Furniture cream sofa Interior Design at First and Main Design Market Bothell WA
Layers of blue and cream furniture look elegant in this living room

Designers take the ingredients of your life - how is the space used and who uses it, what memorable items do you want around you, what space planning issues do you want to solve, your future goals - and they create something entirely new and entirely you.

Your designer may guide you to colors and textures you love but might not have the courage to try on your own.

In doing so your designer gives you permission to dream, to get on the ride and trust the results.

And, in the end your new spaces feel like they should always have felt - like an extension of you.

You didn’t know you were that stylish now, did you?

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