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Go bold or…: go home. I’ll start

As you know, trends change every year, even every month and every minute. Next thing you know there is a super viral video on internet and the new thing is… doesn’t matter because it will change again.

Living room white sectional and wallpaper
Minimalistic style living room trend

In this fast pace environment that we live in it is so difficult to keep up with the newest trends. As an interior designer I love trying to predict what’s next, and it’s exciting seeing people try out different styles. But at the end of the day what I personally really like to see is people showing their true personality and style in their home.

It seems like lately the trends have been leaning more towards color, which I absolutely love. This gives me an opportunity to play around with the design and incorporate different patterns, textures and fabrics.

Yet, I have a confession to make. On occasion, I find myself gravitating toward the so-called "safe choice," which involves selecting neutral colors for the main elements of a room and injecting vibrancy and personality through accessories like pillows, rugs, and other décor items. In my view, this approach allows for flexibility and adaptability, enabling you to refresh your space with a different style in a few years or even seasonally.

Copley Square sectional performance fabric design by Eva Wenner First and Main Design Market
Living room design by Eva
Colt sectional performance fabric design by Ashley Ambrisko First and Main Design Market
Living room design by Ashley

There's no shame in knowing what you like, even if it's not the current trend. The perfect home is one that authentically reflects YOU, as Cari emphasizes in a YouTube video. It's easy to get caught up in the allure of beautiful online posts and meticulously curated Pinterest boards filled with a multitude of appealing "styles." However, when it comes to designing your space, it's crucial to prioritize what genuinely makes you happy. It could be a favorite color, a cherished piece of art, or a sentimental bowl. Let that be your muse, your starting point.

Your home is your sanctuary, your personal haven in this fast-paced world. Treat it as such. In the midst of ever-changing trends, your unique style and personality should shine through, creating a space that resonates with who you are and where you find comfort and joy. After all, as the trends come and go, your authentic self and personal style are timeless.


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